Calendar & Events


Regular Events

Tuesday Legacy League

This league will be comprised of 3 main parts: Weekly League Nights, Quarterly Invitationals for point leaders, and Finals Invitational. Additionally, League members will be eligible to earn more points toward standings for making Top 8 cuts in our monthly From The Vault: Legacy tournaments, and earn even more points toward their yearly point totals for winning these events!

Thursday Draft Night

Our Weekly Draft Event! Full details about this event and others will be available soon!

Standard FNM

Our standard constructed FNM! As we move into the RCQ season for 2024, standard will now be a part of our weekly schedule! With recent changes made to the format by WOTC, it’s looking pretty good from our view as long-time players that found love in standard over a decade ago. Now featuring exclusive WPN promos, significantly longer rotation cycles, and larger card pools as a result: this should bring a new breath of life in a format that was once so captivating!

cEDH League

Milwaukee's Premier cEDH League Event! Participants will compete for store credit and league points that go toward our Quarterly Semifinals and later: our end-of-year Finals Event! At these specially held events, players and spectators alike can participate in our stream, giveaways, and take advantage of special deals held in store! Speaking of stream, one pod from each round will be selected to be held at our Feature Match Table!

Sunday Night Magic

Every Sunday we host a second 'FNM' event, since Sunday is both our and Faklandia's 'Friday' of sorts! This is the chance we all get to play games and enjoy the vibes after a busy week. Our friends, coworkers, and regulars all get together to jam games mostly consisting of Casual Commander, but often get into Modern matches with the bar manager, Legacy with some of the regulars, Judge's Tower, and there's always a cEDH game or two that go down. It's a great time with promos to give out for attendees, raffle pullings, tons of Magic, and Movies or shows in the background on our projector theatre screen.

Premodern Monthly

We hold Premodern Monthlies the 2nd Wednesday of each month for players to test, deck brew, and enjoy this great fan-made format on a regular basis. Entry: $10. Prize support: 100% store credit payout. Description: 3 rounds of Premodern, swiss pairings.