About Us

About Us

The Mana Vault was founded in 2023 in St. Francis, WI as a game store by players for players. With an initial focus on Commander, our store quickly developed an active community of casual and competitive players in Magic: the Gathering’s most popular format. Now, we are a WPN store home to a thriving Legacy League, large Draft and Cube community and booming Standard scene. We pride ourselves in running the best Magic events in Milwaukee and offering competitively priced singles, sealed products, cool merch, playmats, gaming accessories and more!

Jeff Green

Jeff Green, Owner

Jeff has been deal-hunting for Magic cards since he started playing the game in 1999, scouring eBay for cut-rate prices on cardboard as a middle-schooler with a meager budget. His childhood best friend introduced him to Magic that year and he has loved the game ever since, both as a player and vendor. Jeff played competitive Modern and Limited on the Grand Prix and PTQ circuits in the 2010s, buying and selling small collections as a side gig to finance the grind. He became a professional seller in 2020, operating his own TCGplayer store - GLHF Games. Today, as an owner of The Mana Vault, Jeff directs much of the store’s purchasing and online sales and he organizes events for Cube and Premodern - the two formats he plays most. Jeff has gained some notoriety for his Old Border Foil Cube, his Magic passion project that has been featured twice at CubeCon. Looking for a card we don’t have? Contact Jeff and he’ll find it for you!

Favorite Magic card: Mystic Enforcer

Favorite commanders: Etali, Primal Storm; Phage the Untouchable; Varolz, the Scar-Striped

Hometown: Beloit, WI

Discord: glhfgames

Twitter: @GLHF_games

Adam Hamdan

Adam Hamdan, Owner

Adam is and has been a major part of the Magic the Gathering community since his introduction to the game in 2015. He is well known for his cEDH content under the name Sad Naus, a Wisconsin-based competitive commander team and podcast, as well as his work as a caster for cEDH events calling games for Ka0s, Eminence, Monarch, Playing with Power and more! He has worked with countless creators in the space and is largely responsible for the From The Vault Tournament Series that takes place at The Mana Vault. His passion for well-run competitive Magic: the Gathering events is noticed nationwide and is key to our store’s success.

Favorite Magic card: Sol Ring

Favorite commanders: Phelddagriff, Najeela the Blade Blossom, Sliver Overlord

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Discord: papiphobia

Twitter: @Papiphobia

Sam Bolender

Sam Bolender, Owner

Sam has been known as being the ‘mover and shaker’ amongst his peers, always seeking a means to carve his own path into the world. Largely stemming from his background working with his entrepreneurial parents, he was always chasing a similar path he could call his own. He began his journey with Magic the Gathering fresh out of high school in 2010 after the release of Rise of the Eldrazi. Sam was instantly hooked, grinding a wide breadth of formats at local scenes. This journey led him to game stores all over Milwaukee and the surrounding area, meeting a lot of the Magic the Gathering locals and familiarizing himself with the state of the game in the city. He realized quickly that Milwaukee was in need of a new type of LGS- one that was catered for the player by actual players. Then after helping his friend and owner of Faklandia Brewing start up the brewery in 2020, he was given the opportunity to lease part of the building in 2023. After recruiting his business partner Adam and later Jeff, the three set out to change the scape of MTG in the city of Milwaukee. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work from the iconic trio, The Mana Vault was born!

Favorite Magic card: Vengevine

Favorite commanders: Maelstrom Wanderer, Tymna & Kraum, Malcolm Keen-Eyed Navigator

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Discord: Nite

Twitter: ‘Is for bozos’